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popcorngoo's Journal

um well...let's see. The only reason I really got an lj account was because of my friend Gennie, and to read the amazing fanfiction here.
I'm an Irish/German/English American, but I'm really into other cultures like Japan, Italy, etc. I listen to A LOT of J-music. My favorite band is NewS. Masuda is my favorite member. I like art. I hope to become an artist someday because it's like the easiest job in my opinion. I'm very lazy as you can tell, but I enjoy sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. I'm a REALLY picky eater. I'm a sophomore in high school, although not for long since we only have about 2 weeks left of school. I like animals. I used to have a pet dog(mix of a sheltie and a black lab), a teddy hamster, and an iguana. xD um......I really like the Twilight series too. Not the movie! the books....definitely the books....